Introduction to Market Refrigeration for HVAC Techs

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1. True or False: In a supermarket, the refrigerated case holds the evaporator.

2. Refrigeration racks with multiple compressors have:

3. True or False: Refrigeration systems that have a receiver are critically charged.

4. True or False: Mechanical expansion valves remain the most common metering devices in existing market refrigeration systems.

5. What mostly happens to water that condenses on the evaporator of a running market refrigeration system?

6. True or False: Drainage pipes for refrigeration systems are usually smaller than HVAC ones.

7. True or False: A refrigeration technician's on-call schedule largely depends on the company they're employed by.

8. True or False: Service calls for refrigeration systems are usually very costly and urgent compared to residential HVAC systems.

9. Residential techs can often get their foot in the door of market refrigeration by:

10. The oil separator is located on the:




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