HVAC School has some handy calculators to help with various HVAC/R field tasks, including recovery tank fill and more.

Superheat & Delta T

Calculate target superheat for fixed metering device (piston) systems and air split on 400 CFM per ton A/C

Superheat & Delta T Result: Target Temp Split:

To learn more about Superheat and Delta T go HERE

Voltage Imbalance Calculator

Calculate three-phase voltage imbalance

To learn more about Voltage Imbalance go HERE

Nitrogen Pressure Calculator

To learn more about Nitrogen Pressure go HERE

Under Load Capacitor Test

Test capacitors while the system is running

Air Density

Accurately calculate air density based on local altitude and humidity

Recovery Tank Fill

Calculate total tank and refrigerant weights

Additional Charge Weight Calculator

Enter the length in Feet ADDITIONAL from the standard charge the system comes in. Many systems come charged for a 15' lineset but this is not universal. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's guides before using this calculator.

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