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This is an ever-growing tool list for people who are just getting into the trade and want to know which tools to stock up on.

This list is in progress...

Please keep in mind the following rules of using this list.

Brands and links listed are just my (Bryan Orr’s) opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.
They are based on my experience and the recommendations of people I trust.

I ALWAYS suggest buying locally or from TruTech tools rather than Amazon.
Links are provided so you can see the products and reviews and to use in a pinch.
I recommend Tru-Tech because they are great people who support the trade,
they are not a paid sponsor and I get affiliate money from them.
Use the coupon code “GETSCHOOLED” when buying from Trutech for a great price.

This list is incomplete and is tilted toward residential and light commercial service
although it does include some other categories.
If you have any suggested alterations or additions please email them to me at

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ToolBrand/ModelSegmentImportance (1-5)Link
Refrigerant ManifoldFieldpiece SMANHVAC / Ref4
Evacuation Hose KitBluVac ProHVAC / Ref4
Core DepressorBluVac core depressor toolHVAC / Ref4
Primary Probes KitFieldpiece Wireless Probes KitHVAC / Ref5
Refrigerant HosesImperial Ball ValveHVAC / Ref4
Screwdriver SetKleinAll5
Stubby 6-in-1KleinAll3
Precision ScrewdriverKlein 4-in-1All4
Flexible Bit ExtensionDewalt Right AngleAll2
6-in-1 ScrewdriverKlein RachetingAll4
Insulated Screwdriver SetWihaControls / Industrial3
Pocket ThermometerPDT650HVAC / Ref4
Tool BagVetoAll3
Utility KnifeMilwaukee fastbackAll5
Wire CuttersKlein Blue diagAll5
Wire StripersKlein Yellow 11045All5
Lineman PliersKlein D2000-9NEAll3
Terminal CrimpersTitan 11477All4
Adjustable Wrench SetCraftsman 3pcAll4
Allen Wrench SetTektonAll3
Pocket LevelIrwinAll3
Digital MultimeterTesto 770-3All5
Nut Driver SetKlein MagneticAll3
Small Tubing CutterRigid 32975HVAC / Ref3
Medium Tubing CutterRigid 40617HVAC / Ref5
Large Tubing CutterRigid 31632HVAC / Ref3
XL Tubing CutterRigidRef / Industrial3
Needle Nose PliersKlein D203-7All4
Channel Locks2-pc VjawAll2
Flat FileNicholsonAll3
Wrench Set (Metric & SAE)Gear WrenchAll3
Ratchet and Socket Set (Metric & SAE)StanleyAll4
Head LampZukveeAll2
Shop VacRigid 50318All3
Wire BrushGenericAll2
Soft BrushGenericAll1
Tooth BrushGenericAll2
Core removal tools (2 or 3)Appion MGAVCTHVAC / Refrig3
Drill / DriverMilwaukee M12All5
Hammer DrillMilwaukee M12All3
Flaring ToolPro-Fit 87001HVAC / Refrig4
Swage ToolHilmor CompactHVAC / Refrig3
Tubing BenderHilmor CompactHVAC / Refrig3
Standard metal drill bit setVariousAll5
Driver bit setMilwaukee ShockwaveAll5
Large wood boring bit setMilwaukee Speed FeedInstallation3
Masonry Bit SetIrwinAll4
Gloves for general materials HandlingGrease MonkeyAll4
Gloves for Brazing / WeldingVariousAll5
Eye ProtectionVariousAll5
Assorted Punches / chiselsGenericAll3
Scratch AwlMalcoAll3
Electronic Leak Detector (option 1)Bacharach H10-ProHVAC / Ref5
2' LevelStanleyAll4
Circular SawVariousInstallation3
Oscillating ToolMilwaukeeAll2
Angle GrinderVariousAll3
Reciprocating SawMilwaukee 2420 HackzallAll3
Temperature ClampTesto 115iAll5
Thermo-Hygrometer(s) x2Testo 605iHVAC / BP4
Step Bit / UnibitGenericAll4
Work LightVariousAll3
50' (minimum) water hoseVariousAll5
Hose NozzleGenericAll5
Pump SprayerGenericAll5
50' of ropeGenericCommercial / Industrial5
5 Gallon BucketGenericAll4If you don't know what a 5 gallon bucket looks like ...
Turbo ShearsMalco Heavy DutySheet Metal2
Oxy / Acet Torch KitUniweldHVAC / Ref4
Hearing Protection3MAll5
Vise GripsIrwinAll4
Refrigeration WrenchVariousHVAC / Ref5
Refrigeration Wrench BitVariousHVAC / Ref4
Pipe Wrenches (x2 18")RigidHydronics / Gas5
Fish TapeSouthwireAll2
Fish SticksGardner / BenderAll1
Heat GunPorter CableAll4
Soldering IronDremel SolderingAll2
ManometerTesto 510HVAC / Gas5
Evacuation Hoses & KitAppion / TruTechHVAC / Ref4
Evacuation TreeYellow JacketHVAC / Ref2
Wire Tracer (tone generator)ExtechAll2
Micron gaugeBluvac Pro PlusHVAC / Ref4
Static Pressure Probes / HosesTruTechHVAC / Gas4
MegohmmeterFluke 1503Commercial / Industrial1
Refrigerant ScaleUEI WRS110HVAC / Ref5
1/4" tee for charging w/ Smart ProbesAppionHVAC / Ref2
Vane AnemometerTesto 410iHVAC / BP3
Combustion AnalyzerTesto 310Gas4
Nitrogen RegulatorWE VN500HVAC / Ref5
Flow RegulatorDiversitech DP-1HVAC / Ref5
Ductless Cleaning KitSpeedclean Bit KitHVAC2
Vacuum PumpNAVAC NRP6DiHVAC / Ref5
Recovery MachineFieldpiece MR45HVAC / Ref5
Flow Hood - ProTesto 420HVAC / BP3
Flo Hood - BasicCPS Easy HoodHVAC / BP3
Micro-ManometerTSI AP800HVAC / BP1
Blower DoorRetrotec US5102BP3
Duct TesterRetrotec DM32BP1
Aviation Snips L & RMalcoSheet Metal5
Right Angle Snips L&RMalcoSheet Metal4
V NotcherMalco N2RSheet Metal3
Hand SeamersMalcoSheet Metal5
CrimperMalco C5RSheet Metal5
DividersMalcoSheet Metal4
Folding BarMalco 24"Sheet Metal4
Tape MeasureVarious 25' - 30'All5
Thermal Imaging Camera - BasicFlir one ProHVAC / Ref / BP2
Bulldog SnipsMalcoSheet Metal3
Pry BarsGeneric / AssortedAll3
Hole Saw KitMilwaukeeAll3
Panduit Gun (Tensioning tool)Malco TY4GDuct Installation3
Duct KnifeMalcoDuct Board Installation4
1/2" Duct Board KitMalcoDuct Board Installation5
Schrader Pressure GaugeGenericHydronics / Boilers3
Bicycle PumpGenericHydronics / Boilers4
Pete's Plug FittingsPetersonsHydronics / Boilers3
Belt Tensioning ToolBrowning 1302546Commercial HVAC3
Magnetic Rotation IndicatorGrundfosHydronics3
Gasket ScraperCraftsmanHydronics / Boiler3
Butane LighterGenericGas4
Inspection MirrorGenericAll5
BorescopeWohler VE200Gas3
Caulk GunGenericAll3
Refrigerant HosesImperial Ball ValveHVAC / Ref4
Pick Up Tool (Grabber)GenericAll1
Parts TrayGenericAll1
Pickup Tool (Magnetic)GenericAll1
Temp / Humidity Data LoggerHOBOHVAC / BP1
Hydronic Pressure GaugeDwyerHydronic / Boiler4
MAP Gas TorchVariousAll3
Hose Bib KeyGenericAll2
Locking cap KeyNo Vent KeyHVAC3
Ductless AdapterVariousHVAC3
Temp Clamp / Probe ComboCooper 4005IAll4
K-type temp clamp for DMM (LARGE)TestoCommercial / Industrial3
Electronic Leak Detector (Option 2)Testo 316-3HVAC / Ref5
Combustible Gas DetectorTestoGas4
CO MonitorTesto 317-3Gas5
Non-Contact Voltage TesterTesto 745All3
Sharp Material / Cutting GlovesYoungstown GloveAll5
Two Sided 5/16 - 1/4 Driver BitMalcoAll4
PVC CutterRigidAll5
Tap and Die KitGenericAll2
ECM Motor TesterGenteqHVAC3
Torque ScrewdriverVariousAll2
Torque WrenchVariousAll3
Crowfoot Wrenches (for Torque)GearwrenchAll2
Adjustable Torque WrenchHilmor 1963826All2
Alligator Clip Test LeadsGenericAll5
Meter Test Lead Kit (alligator, piercing)FieldpieceAll4
Basic Analog Manifold (For Training)HilmorHVAC / Ref4
Solenoid MagnetCPSAll1
Vacuum PumpFieldpiece VP85HVAC / Ref5
Thermal ImagingFLIRAll2

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