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May 6, 2024

3D How Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Works P1 – Components

In this 3D video about the refrigerant circuit, we dive deep into the fundamental principles and key P1 components of the basic refrigerant circuit, which is the core of cooling systems, both in refrigeration and air conditioning.

By Bryan Orr

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Make Plenum Pressures Work for You
There are several neighborhoods in my area with two—and three-story townhomes with zoning, and I always wonder how long those systems will survive. Zoning can be notoriously hard on HVAC equipment if not set up properly. A single-stage system running full tilt with half the airflow it was designed for because a zone is closed […]
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Deploy Industry-Standard Training in YOUR HVAC Business
As many of you may know, Kalos does most of its training in-house. We’re lucky to have people like Bert on our team; he can give classes to several people at a time and is also great at one-on-one mentorship. Many of our managers and directors are also top-notch educators. Unfortunately, these people are still […]
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5 Takeaways from Manual T
“Did you do a Manual J?” “Did you run a Manual S on that?” “What does Manual D say?” If you’ve asked any design-related questions on the internet in the last several years, you’re probably familiar with these questions. But how does one “do” a Manual T? I bought Manual T last year and gave […]
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