Copeland (formerly Emerson), a global technology and engineering company, provides innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The White-Rodgers universal and direct replacement heating controls have hundreds of cross-references and cutting-edge features. Cooling controls offer reliable solutions to keep systems running at peak efficiency. And our Sensi™ smart thermostats, Sensi™ Multiple Thermostat Manager, and Sensi™ Predict deliver efficiencies sure to pay off for years. Brands include Copeland, White-Rodgers, and Sensi™.

White-Rodgers products have been at the forefront of innovation for decades. Building a culture of bold thinking, relentless customer focus, expert teams, and doing the right thing for the business and the world around us continues to drive our people and organization to success. Giving our customers the ability to easily control their homes and commercial building heating and air conditioning systems isn’t a luxury; it’s an expectation.

In light of rising operational costs, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce expenses. White-Rodgers universal controls are designed to help you get more jobs done in one truck roll, increasing productivity and profitability. Trust the comprehensive line of White-Rodgers universal electronic controls, gas valves, thermostats, and cooling controls to take any job from start to finish in one call.

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Products We Love


The SureSwitch™ Multi-Volt Contactor is a universal contactor coil that can adapt to many different applications. You can use the SureSwitch™ for most 24v, 120v, 208v, and 240v equipment, which spans a wide range of residential, commercial, and refrigeration applications. The SureSwitch™ has many advantages over traditional contactors. It has up to 5x the life expectancy of a typical contactor, has sealed contacts to prevent damage from insects, a cycle counter, brownout protection, and random start delays.

Universal Premium Flame Sensor

The Universal Premium Flame Sensor (790-843A1) is a versatile flame sensor that can work in many different appliances. It comes with a wire, a bending sleeve, and a high-temperature rod that withstands temperatures up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust it to work for a wide range of boilers, water heaters, furnaces, cooking appliances, and other applications. This universal flame sensor replaces over 150 different parts.


The All-Spark™ ignition module is a game-changing universal part that can replace over 1000 factory intermittent pilot and direct spark ignition assemblies. It also integrates with the White-Rodgers Connect app, which allows you to set it up and configure it quickly. If something ever goes wrong, the app also helps out with streamlined diagnosis, saving you time and energy in the field.

50M56X-843 Integrated Furnace Controls Universal Replacement

The 50M56X-843 is a universal single-stage HSI integrated furnace control that works for PSC and ECMx (X-13) blower motors. This universal IFC replaces more than 550 OEM parts and works seamlessly with the White-Rodgers Connect app for easy wireless configuration. The 50M56X-843 also doesn't require the use of adapter harnesses, making it a simple plug-and-play universal solution.

Intelligent Valve Retrofit Kit

The Emerson White-Rodgers Intelligent Valve Retrofit Kit (50I56D-905) is designed for ICP and Lennox single-stage PSC furnaces that have the 1st-generation (tan cover) SmartValve. It's a cost-competitive, comprehensive solution to upgrade SmartValve systems to a reliable standard IP gas valve and 120V HSI.

Sensi Touch 2 Smart Thermostat

The White-Rodgers Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat is an upgrade in quality and comfort. Its sleek, lightweight design, glass touchscreen, and easy installation make it a favorite smart thermostat among consumers. Each Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat can link to up to 15 room sensors.

50E47U-843 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

The White-Rodgers 50E47U-843 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module replaces over 325 HSI part numbers that use 24V, 120V, or 240V ignitors. It also integrates with the White-Rodgers Connect app, allowing you to configure the ignition module and quickly diagnose pool heaters, unit heaters, water heaters, and more.



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