HVACR Training Symposium

The Great Heat Pump Revolt of 2026 and How to Avoid It

Clermont 34711
Event Starts: 02/01/2024 Thursday 2:40 pm
Event Ends: 02/01/2024 Thursday 4:00 pm

With the industry’s shift to electrification, many people have expressed concern about heat pump performance in the various climates of North America, mainly in cold climates. Nowadays, heat pumps perform better than ever before, but it’s still up to the contractor to follow installation and commissioning best practices to make heat pumps provide exceptional comfort in their respective climates. This session, led by Chris Hughes and Steve Rogers of TEC and Russ King (developer of Kwik Model 3D), will show attendees how to make heat pumps work in any climate so that they can handle the surge in heat pumps with confidence.



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