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2021 Hot Water Forum

San Francisco 10005
Event Starts: 02/24/2021 Wednesday 12:40 pm
Event Ends:
"ACEEE continues to put on well thought out, organized conferences, despite tremendous challenges this year. I've been invited to participate in multiple "virtual" conferences this year, and only ACEEE has been able to replicate the live experience in a meaningful way." — George Chapman, Energy Solutions


Join us at the 2021 Hot Water Forum, the preeminent annual conference on water heating. Because of COVID-19, the forum will be held virtually, making attendance more affordable, convenient, and carbon-friendly. It will feature more than 60 speakers with a wide range of perspectives as well as plenaries, 16 break-out sessions, and networking opportunities throughout each day.

As an attendee, you will discuss with industry leaders the impacts of the pandemic, the growing push toward grid decarbonization, and the electrification of homes and apartment buildings. You will explore the “quantum leap” technologies that are emerging across the industry, including heat pump water heater systems that use alternative refrigerants, are geothermal-enabled, and can function as batteries for energy storage.

In addition, you will learn about the latest in large scale system design, commercial water heating products, and grid-connected water heaters. You will discuss the energy efficiency and health considerations of hot water systems as well as innovative policies and programs internationally and in the United States.

Likely participants
This forum brings together a diverse group of equipment manufacturers; water, gas, and electric utility professionals; local, state, and federal agency personnel; energy-efficiency program planners, operators, and evaluators; plumbers and installers; policymakers; NGOs, engineers, and consultants.

Click here to see a list of the organizations that participated in our 2020 virtual event.

Efficient Hot Water Systems: Perspectives from Around the World – Wednesday, March 10

What is one of the best ways to reduce hot water energy use and greenhouse gas emissions around the world? It turns out, equipment standards on products such as faucets and showerheads are essential. This plenary will discuss the potential impacts of incorporating water efficiency policies into codes and standards in India and South Africa that could result in a combined reduction of almost 90 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. It will also provide an update on the International Organization for Standards (ISO) working group, which is creating a worldwide standard on water efficiency products that will help developing countries reduce energy use and emissions.

Click on a day to view the sessions offered for that day. Then, click on a session to view the stream with a virtual ticket or learn more about it. (Calendar view available further below.)

2021 Hot Water Forum

San Francisco 10005
Event Starts: 01/01/70 12:40 pm
Event Ends: 01/01/70

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