Intro to Project Management – Throwback Bonus

This podcast episode is a throwback to one of Bryan’s first podcasts about small businesses. Cesar Abeid, former VP of construction camera company Remontech, joined this podcast to discuss the basics of project management and a book that can help you step into that side of the business.

Project management is a framework or set of tools to turn an idea into reality. Projects have a beginning and end to create something new, and project management is how we get from the beginning to the end while factoring in schedules and a budget. In essence, project management is a system.

Effective project management requires a business to create processes and procedures for its services. For example, Remontech needs to plan the actual camera installation, but the company also has a bunch of internal processes to set up servers for recording. The key to project management is to remember what must be done and assign tasks to people as needed.

One of the issues Cesar saw with project management books was the dryness and corporate nature of their language. As a project manager, Cesar used stories from his life to make his book more relatable and accessible to small business owners.

Cesar and Bryan also discuss:

  • Contractor-client communication
  • External vs. internal processes
  • Cesar’s book: Project Management for You
  • Cesar’s preferred leisure activities
  • Wasting time or learning?


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