Caring for Technician Mental Health

In today’s podcast, Scott Krasman from TZOA, Andrew Greaves, and Kaleb Saleeby join Bryan for a conversation about mental health in the trades. We have a greater awareness of mental health than we ever did before, and although some of us may make fun of the topic, it is something we should focus on as HVAC technicians and business owners.

“Toxic” is a common buzzword these days, but it’s relevant here. A work environment with toxic traits will wear you down over time as you are exposed to disillusioned or selfish journeymen or senior techs at work who disregard your wellbeing and development. Sadly, these behaviors often come from low morale and projection.

HVAC industry leaders can take strides by promoting a culture of inclusiveness and encouraging conversations about mental health. There is also an element of personal responsibility within techs to acknowledge if something is wrong and to have honest conversations with their leaders. As techs, we need to know when to ask for help if we need it. Leaders must also look at themselves and address their own mental health issues so that they don’t project their issues onto others.

As techs, we need self-awareness and intentionality to address our mental health. We need to understand what’s going on with ourselves (even if we need to talk to mental health professionals) so that we can take steps to get the support we need.

We also cover:

  • Helping younger techs grow
  • Growth and discomfort vs. abuse and suffering
  • Training, communication culture, and workload
  • What it means to be in a dark place and how to get out of it
  • Opening up to others about our struggles
  • Active recovery
  • Relationship issues and addiction
  • Self-diagnosis and misdiagnosis
  • Executive functioning
  • Technology for mental health
  • Caring for your body

You can learn more about the 2022 HVACR Training Symposium HERE.

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Dustin C.
Dustin C.
8/24/21 at 04:23 AM

Another great one! Thanks everyone that put this together, Im going to share this with our guys



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