An Effective IAQ Process w/ John Ellis

In today’s podcast, John Ellis joins Bryan to talk about indoor air quality (IAQ). He also explains the ideal process for providing IAQ solutions. John has a lot of experience working as a consultant for people who have respiratory issues, so he has valuable perspectives.

The HVAC and IAQ fields intersect in the areas of thermal comfort, humidity, building pressures, ventilation, filtration, and source control (which pollutants are present, where they come from, and how we can remove them).

John does not believe in throwing IAQ products at a problem. He believes in a thorough analysis of the structure to present the customer with solutions tailored to their home and needs. Ideally, John would like to see technicians take a process-oriented approach to indoor air quality: investigate, analyze, and quote. He believes in the power of slow, complete diagnosis, including listening to customers’ complaints. Remember, they’ve been living in the structure and can tell you about the issues they’ve noticed in their home and their health concerns.

When you analyze a system, you may have to do additional testing beyond a visual inspection. Sometimes, you can’t always find fungal growth or must call an expert to test for asbestos. The key to practicing IAQ is to be open-minded and seek help from experts beyond your field.

While IAQ solutions can be expensive, they can be well worth it for many customers. Try not to pass your own judgment on the prices; after all, you are performing quality work and could save your customer money on medical bills.

John also explains:

  • How to start training for IAQ sales
  • Customer questionnaires
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Becoming comfortable with IAQ diagnostics
  • How to present high costs and financing options to customers
  • Being a truly caring, attentive consultant
  • IAQ marketing
  • Making money as an IAQ consultant

If you want to talk to John about IAQ, you can contact him at (505)-652-8119 or

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