UV Lights


A quick note about UV lights. They work like sunlight in that they prevent and kill many types of bacteria and fungi when exposed to the light on surfaces. They do not generally do a great job of killing spores suspended in the air stream.

UV lights are great at killing yucky stuff on surfaces like coils, blower wheel and panels. They won’t “kill” everything in the airstream and they don’t capture anything.

Also, be careful what UV is allowed to shine on. It will deteriorate most wire insulation and can deteriorate and discolor many other plastics.

Finally, don’t look at a UV light for any amount of time. I once spent a very uncomfortable day in bed after damaging my eyes from looking at UV indirectly for only a few minutes.

UV can be great, but it’s not a fix all and always be carefully where the light is going.

— Bryan


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  1. Gabe willard says:

    Thanks for that bit. I have some coils that have mold on them this might help.

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