The MAD Room

This tech tip features a diagnostic flowchart by Genry Garcia. Thanks, Genry!

The name of this document, “The MAD Room,” was chosen as a nod to the MAD-AIR study completed by John Tooley and Neil Moyer, presented in 1989. The teachings from that document played an instrumental role in creating the following diagnostic workflow.

Disclaimer 1

This flowchart was created based on my experience diagnosing, addressing, and tracking internal rooms’ comfort complaints in residential dwellings located in CZ1. These findings are broken into:

  • 25% preparation through reading and education.
  • 25% use of accurate tools that provide repeatable results.
  • 50% repetition and execution.

So, don’t get discouraged by early failures, keep trying. You might end up developing a workflow of your own that better fits your climate and market particulars.

Disclaimer 2

What you learned from this won’t click right away. But it will eventually, and once it does, charge accordingly. Providing free diagnosis in the hope to win a job is the fastest way to get blamed for the lack of results from repairs/improvements performed by someone else.

—Genry Garcia



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