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Third Law of Thermodynamics
By:Bryan Orr When someone says there is no such thing as “cold,” only the absence of heat, you can point out that while cold is the absence of heat… absolute zero is the definition of COLD. The third law of thermodynamics addresses the absence of heat and what that means for entropy. It implies that […]
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First Law of Thermodynamics
By:Bryan Orr The first law of thermodynamics is an extension of the law of energy conservation. The latter states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed but converts from one form to another. Thermodynamics is the study of heat’s relationship with mechanical work, and it establishes heat as a form of energy that can […]
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The Basics of Moving Heat (Thermodynamics)
By:Bryan Orr In this episode of HVAC School, Bryan talks to some apprentices about basic thermodynamics. That is the fancy scientific way of saying that we're moving heat. The way we think of “hot” and “cold” is relative to our comfort. However, the scientific concepts of “hot” and “cold” are very different from our relative understandings […]
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Preparing Non-Techs for a Southern Winter
By:Bryan Orr Central Florida techs know the Southern winter all too well. Let's face it. It doesn't get super cold here regularly, but when it does, EVERYONE FREAKS. We get an abundance of service calls for unpleasant but not truly problematic conditions when people use their heaters. When people first turn on their heat, they […]
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