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Which Valve Do I Open First?
Testo 557 vacuum gauge and Appion core removal tools shown I've had a change of heart. Back in the early 2000s, during the big construction boom, I did many system startups on residential units for a large company I worked for. When installers ran the line sets prior to startup, they weren't always very careful […]
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A Case For Wireless Refrigerant Probes
Photo by Brad Hicks at HVAC in SC Right off the top, let me state something loud and clear: The tool does not make the tech. Let that sink in before you move on. A good tech has a solid understanding of WHY they are doing what they are doing, the basic math of the […]
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Reading CFM and Duct Velocity with a Testo 510i, the Smart Probe app and a Pitot Tube
Reading CFM and Duct Velocity In this video, we cover the basics of using the Testo 510i with a pitot tube to do a duct traverse and easily calculate Velocity in FPM and volume in CFM on a small 8″ duct. Using this method is handy because you can use the reliable, accurate and inexpensive […]
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The Launch of a Revolutionary Software w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In this episode of the podcast, Jim Bergmann talks about the launch date of the measureQuick (MQ) app, what it will do, why he made it, who it is for, and why it's different than anything else that came before. MeasureQuick is a universal measurement platform that incorporates Bluetooth to display, store, […]
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Chillers for the Chillerphobic – Podcast
By:Bryan Orr   In this episode, we talk with Jeff Nieman about chillers and how they work. For those of you who primarily work in residential or light commercial HVAC, chillers may be unfamiliar at best and terrifying at worst. However, centrifugal chillers' parts are actually quite similar to those of HVAC units. They have […]
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