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What does “RES” mean on a contactor or relay?
By:Bryan Orr Go to your truck, pick up a contactor, and look at it closely. You may find some interesting ratings you never noticed—things like terminal ambient temperature ratings and torque specs. One reading you may overlook is the RES AMPACITY of the contactor or relay. The RES rating is the RESISTIVE LOAD AMPACITY (amperage capacity) […]
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Mistakes in Measuring Ohms
By:Bryan Orr In HVAC and electrical school, one of the first things you learn about electricity is Ohm's law: Volts (V) = Amps (I) x Ohms (R) Pretty simple, right? Watt's law is just as easy: Watts (P) = Volts (E) x Amps (I) With this newfound knowledge, the student walks confidently into the real […]
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Relays, Sequencers, Transformers, and Bad Metaphors
By:Bryan OrrNathan Orr In this episode, Bryan and Nathan have a banter-filled conversation about electrical components that confuse techs. If you are looking for a serious educational episode, we suggest you look elsewhere. Low-voltage circuits may confuse the new technician because the “common” terminology is far too common in the circuit. (See how confusing it […]
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