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Market Refrigeration TXV Adjustment
This quick article was written by market refrigeration tech Clayton Peeples. Thanks, Clayton! Adjusting the TXV should be done last after checking all other causes of the case being warm or floodback on the rack. TXVs very rarely go bad; generally, it's a dirty screen or a failed powerhead, both of which can be addressed […]
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Solving & Preventing Oil Issues in Rack Refrigeration
By:Bryan Orr  In this HVAC podcast episode, hosts Bryan Orr and Matthew Taylor (refrigeration leader and trainer at Kalos Services) discuss oil management and considerations in supermarket refrigeration systems, with a focus on solving & preventing oil issues. They talk about the importance of stable system operation and how oil flows through both active […]
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Tips for Supermarket Rack Service w/ Trevor
By:Trevor MatthewsBryan Orr  Refrigeration Mentor Trevor Matthews returns to the podcast to share some of his tips for supermarket rack service. The supermarket refrigeration world is ripe with high-paying opportunities and uses similar skills that HVAC technicians use daily. Switching from HVAC to refrigeration will require a little bit more attention to some new […]
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