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How Similar Are A2Ls to R-410A?
By:Don Gillis This tech tip was written by Don Gillis with Chemours. Thanks, Don! You’ve probably heard it way too many times now: A2Ls are coming.  While we’ve heard a lot about what “A2L” really means and the R-410A phasedown timeline, there isn’t a lot of public information about what to expect on the service […]
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R-410A Phase-Down Update
By:Jason ObrzutDr. Chuck AllgoodMatthew BrunerAdam MufichRoman BaughDon GillisBryan OrrThis tech tip is an overview of the livestream by the same name, featuring HVAC School contributors Matt Bruner, Roman Baugh, and Adam Mufich, as well as special guests Don Gillis, Dr. Chuck Allgood, and Jason Obrzut. You can watch the full livestream HERE. These gents also […]
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What Techs Need to Know About A2L Refrigerants
By:Bryan Orr This article is based on the recent HVAC School podcast episode on A2L refrigerants with Jason Obrzut. You can listen to that podcast HERE. Jason is a member of the AHRI Safe Refrigerant Transition Task Force and has co-authored Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology (the RACT manual). You can access AHRI’s A2L refrigerant […]
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What Is A2L Mitigation Going To Look Like? W/ Clifton B.
By:Bryan OrrClifton Beck  In this podcast, Bryan and Clifton discuss the upcoming transition to A2L refrigerants, like R-32 and R-454B, and what A2L mitigation is going to look like. These mildly flammable refrigerants will be used in place of R-410A for residential air conditioning systems due to an HFC phase-down driven by legislation and […]
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