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Introduction to Pool Heat Pumps
Air-to-water pool heat pumps are seeing more and more popularity in the climates that can support them over the more traditional gas and electric pool heaters we usually see. While they definitely contain some familiar operating principles to an air-to-air heat pump, there are some striking differences in how the heat is transferred and how […]
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Pool Heat Pumps, The Basics
Note: My brother Nathan wrote this a few years back, and I only did some minor editing. A pool heat pump is essentially a water-cooled air conditioner in reverse. It usually has a large air evaporator on the outside that looks like a condenser coil and a heat exchanger (usually tube-in-tube) on the inside. A […]
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What’s Different About Pool Heaters w/ Bert
By:Bryan OrrBert Testerman  In this podcast, Bryan Orr and Bert discuss various aspects of pool heaters, focusing on issues that make them different from typical HVAC systems. They cover the basics of pool heaters – the main types (heat pumps and gas heaters) and how they operate similarly or differently from things HVAC techs […]
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Preparing Non-Techs for a Southern Winter
By:Bryan Orr Central Florida techs know the Southern winter all too well. Let's face it. It doesn't get super cold here regularly, but when it does, EVERYONE FREAKS. We get an abundance of service calls for unpleasant but not truly problematic conditions when people use their heaters. When people first turn on their heat, they […]
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