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How Do Communicating Systems Work?
By:Roman BaughBryan Orr This tech tip recaps the livestream by the same name, featuring HVAC School contributors Matt Bruner and Adam Mufich, as well as special guest Steve Cook from Hisense. You can watch that livestream on our YouTube channel HERE. We also owe special thanks to Roman Baugh, who added some extra information on […]
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Incorporating Electrical Quality Into Diagnosis
This article (and many other great training articles) was written by my friend and great educator Jamie Kitchen. This article was originally posted on LinkedIn HERE and has been republished for your benefit with his permission. Thanks, Jamie! I remember back in college I was immersed in a particularly challenging problem dealing with poly-phase circuits. […]
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Analog vs. Digital Sine – Short #179
By:Bryan Orr  In this short podcast, Bryan breaks down the differences between analog and digital sine waves. Analog readings deal with an unlimited number of values; they are very precise and can have any number of decimals. As a result, the alternating current (AC) analog sine readings have very smooth curves when we read […]
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