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Oil Best Practices for HFC and HFO-based Systems
By:Don Gillis This tech tip was written by Don Gillis with Chemours. Thanks, Don! The shift to R-410A from R-22 brought some pretty big changes to the industry, including the shift to polyolester (POE) oil. We had been using mineral oil for CFC refrigerants like R-12 and HCFCs like R-22, so we had to update […]
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Common Causes of Compressor Failure
By:Don GillisThis article was written by Don Gillis, the technical training manager at Chemours. Thanks, Don! Refrigerant compressors are essential components of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, as we all know. They work by compressing refrigerant vapor, which then flows through the system and changes state as pressure and temperature conditions rise and fall. Unfortunately, […]
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Crankcase Heaters
By:Bryan Orr Belly band crankcase heater When I first started in the trade as an apprentice, we worked on many Trane heat pumps that used crankcase heaters. These crankcase heaters slid into the compressor sump on the big orange Tyler reciprocating compressors. They looked like the one in the picture below. It was very common […]
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Electronic Leak Detection
By:Bryan Orr Electronic leak detection is a critical part of any HVAC technician's common practice. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common sources of misdiagnosis. Here are my tips to make your leak detection more successful: Use Your Senses First and Your Detector Second  Before starting to use your detector, STOP! Look for […]
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The Two OTHER EPA violations
By:Bryan Orr We all know (or should know) that venting refrigerant is a big no-no and can result in trouble from the EPA. There are many other potential violations, but two of them can easily occur if you aren't thinking ahead at the disposal of mercury and oil. Mercury is found in fairly large quantities […]
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Vacuum Pump Oil
This article is written by Sal Hamidi, founder of Productsbypros.com, an innovative manufacturers representative agency that promotes great HVAC/R products through training and media. You can reach Sal at Sal@productsbypros.com.   If we are going to discuss vacuum pump oil, it's important to understand what it is first. Most HVAC application vacuum pumps are rotary […]
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Boiler Basics Part 2 – Components
This article is the second in a series on boiler basics by senior boiler tech Justin Skinner. Thanks, Justin. There are many types of boilers that do many different things, but almost all of them have some of the same basic components. It's partially because regulatory agencies require them, and other times, it's because they […]
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R22 Retrofit Basics in Under 12 minutes – Live Video 2/11/17
In this video Bryan talks about Refrigerant Blends The reasons for retrofit The drop-in fallacy Oil types Oil Miscibility Temperature Glide Capacity change Refrigerants to consider R427A R438A R422D R407C & A Helpful Links Choosing the right retrofit (EPA) Honeywell Retrofit Guidelines Retrofit with R438a by “The Professor”
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Oil Nozzles
This article was written by Senior Boiler Tech Justin Skinner. Thanks, Justin. Oil burner nozzles are present in most forced combustion air burners. They are used with an oil pump to atomize fuel oil and allow it to burn. Atomizing is raising the pressure of the fuel and forcing it through the nozzle. Essentially, the […]
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Solving & Preventing Oil Issues in Rack Refrigeration
By:Bryan Orr  In this HVAC podcast episode, hosts Bryan Orr and Matthew Taylor (refrigeration leader and trainer at Kalos Services) discuss oil management and considerations in supermarket refrigeration systems, with a focus on solving & preventing oil issues. They talk about the importance of stable system operation and how oil flows through both active […]
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Things to Keep out of the System – Class
By:Bryan Orr  This podcast is a class taught by Bryan: Things to Keep Out of the System. He covers some installation best practices along the way to keep contaminants and non-condensable gases out of the system. We want to keep air, water, dirt, copper shavings, solvents, and nitrogen out of an operating system. All […]
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Combustion Basics w/ Benoit Mongeau
By:Bryan Orr In this episode with BENOÎT MONGEAU, we talk about the components of combustion and what to consider when testing it on a fuel-burning appliance. Combustion requires fuel, oxygen, and a heat source in a correct balance. We call that series of requirements the “combustion triangle.” Once combustion occurs, it is self-sustaining. However, removing […]
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