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Tightening Electrical Threaded Terminal Connections
By:Eric Kaiser Did you know that electrical terminals have a torque value? Yeah, I didn’t either for a long time. “Tight” worked well enough, but I’ve seen a few connections overheat after a while, and now I wonder… Did you know that tightening electrical screw terminals to their torque specs is part of the NFPA […]
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What Causes Voltage Drop and How to Deal With It
By:Bryan Orr Voltage drop is one of those topics we often mention but seldom think about in-depth. From a very basic standpoint, we need to know whether or not the rated voltage is being delivered to the device or appliance while under full load, which is as simple as running the equipment and measuring the […]
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Grounding and Bonding Myths
By:Bryan Orr Grounding is an area of many myths and legends in both the electrical and HVAC fields. This is a short article, and we will briefly cover only a few common myths. For a more detailed explanation, I advise subscribing to Mike Holt's YouTube Channel HERE. Myth – Current Goes to Ground Actually, current […]
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What Size Wire Does this Condenser REALLY Require?
By:Bryan Orr In this episode of the podcast, we talk about condenser wire sizing considerations, ampacity, temperature, conductor sizing, voltage drop, and why a #10 wire doesn't always require a 30-amp breaker. There's usually nothing wrong with OVERSIZING a wire or conductor. However, you still need to know which wires are safe for operation and […]
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