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Coil SHR, Ventilation, and Bypass Factor – Advanced Psychrometrics Part 2
This is the second article in a three-part series where we explore advanced psychrometrics. The source material for each of the articles in this series is ACCA Manual P Sections 3, 4, and 5. This article is based on information found in Section 4. If you followed the previous advanced psychrometrics article, you now know […]
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A Tale of Two Latents
When the quiz or the teacher asks what “latent” heat is, there is generally some reference to it being hidden heat, which is what the word “latent” means. We then learn that it is heat energy transferred that results in a change of state rather than a temperature change. Later on, we hear a lot […]
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Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)
By:Bryan Orr Every piece of air conditioning equipment can move a certain amount of heat BTUs (British Thermal Units) at set conditions. In most cases, during the cooling mode, a portion of those BTUs will go toward changing the temperature of the air, and a part will go toward changing vapor water in the air […]
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Psychrometrics Basics w/ Jamie Kitchen Podcast
By:Bryan OrrJamie Kitchen In this episode of the podcast, Jamie Kitchen from Danfoss talks about wet-bulb, dry-bulb, relative humidity, dew point, enthalpy, and latent heat. These are the building blocks of psychrometrics, which deals with human comfort as it relates to temperature, humidity, and heat loads. Humidity is water vapor in the air. As the […]
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