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How Long Should I Evacuate a System?
This article was written by Jim Bergmann with MeasureQuick. Anyone who has ever picked up a vacuum pump has asked or been asked this question. To be truthful, it is like asking, “How many licks will it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?” In the words of the wise […]
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The Launch of a Revolutionary Software w/ Jim Bergmann (Podcast)
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In this episode of the podcast, Jim Bergmann talks about the launch date of the measureQuick (MQ) app, what it will do, why he made it, who it is for, and why it's different than anything else that came before. MeasureQuick is a universal measurement platform that incorporates Bluetooth to display, store, […]
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Measuring Voltage Drop w/ Jim Bergmann
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In this episode, Bryan and Jim discuss measuring voltage drop and what it means. They also cover some other pointers to keep from using parts to bandage a deeper issue. A common mistake that technicians make is not understanding what an ideal measurement is before making a measurement. For example, they may […]
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Test Instruments Past, Present, & Future w/ Jim Bergmann
By:Jim BergmannBryan Orr In this episode, Bryan speaks with Jim Bergmann of Redfish Instruments about his path to being a test instruments business owner. He has also worked with Testo and has teaching experience under his belt. In the past, test instruments were low-resolution and often inaccurate. Many HVAC techs of the past based all […]
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