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Mistakes in Measuring Ohms
By:Bryan Orr In HVAC and electrical school, one of the first things you learn about electricity is Ohm's law: Volts (V) = Amps (I) x Ohms (R) Pretty simple, right? Watt's law is just as easy: Watts (P) = Volts (E) x Amps (I) With this newfound knowledge, the student walks confidently into the real […]
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Relays, Sequencers, Transformers, and Bad Metaphors
By:Bryan OrrNathan Orr In this episode, Bryan and Nathan have a banter-filled conversation about electrical components that confuse techs. If you are looking for a serious educational episode, we suggest you look elsewhere. Low-voltage circuits may confuse the new technician because the “common” terminology is far too common in the circuit. (See how confusing it […]
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