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Solving Comfort and IAQ Issues in a Vintage Home: A Case Study
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip is a recap of the Santa Fe Dehumidifiers and Comfort Dynamics, Inc. case study about a 1941 vintage home in Miami, FL. You can listen to the podcast about that case study by clicking the play button below, and you can read the case study at https://hvacrschool.com/case-study. Special thanks to Nikki […]
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Four Ps of IAQ
The Four Ps of IAQ I’m not the first, second, or probably even the thirty-second person to write about improving indoor air quality problems using the four Ps approach. It’s a well-known thought process in the building science community—not sure if that’s the case in HVAC circles. The first P is for pollutants. In this […]
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Cracking the Home Health Comfort Code: IAQ’s Illusory Ideals
By:Bryan OrrKevin Hart  HAVEN IAQ founder and CEO Kevin Hart returns to the podcast to discuss cracking the home health comfort code, diving into IAQ’s illusory ideals. Even though the industry has been generating well-thought solutions to common problems, it’s difficult to put those solutions into practice on a large scale. As a result, […]
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