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Deploy Industry-Standard Training in YOUR HVAC Business
By:Bryan Orr As many of you may know, Kalos does most of its training in-house. We’re lucky to have people like Bert on our team; he can give classes to several people at a time and is also great at one-on-one mentorship. Many of our managers and directors are also top-notch educators. Unfortunately, these people […]
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Build a Better Internal Training Program
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip is based on a recent podcast with Eugene Silberstein from ESCO Group. Even though we cover a lot of similar ground, this tech tip is unique and comes with several links that could help anyone who wants to start or improve an internal training program. If you haven't yet listened to […]
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A Great HVAC Training Solution
By:Bryan Orr DISCLAIMER: I have no financial interest in HVAC Simulator or Dirk’s company, Nauman Innovation Group LLC. He is not a sponsor; I just think he’s a great guy who cares a lot about the industry, and I’m excited to share his work with other people who want to improve training and education in […]
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The VCRT redesigned + More w/ Fieldpiece
By:Tony GonzalezBryan Orr  In this podcast, Bryan chats with Tony Gonzalez of Fieldpiece about their latest innovations for service tools, including the redesigned VCRT, as well as the training resources they offer. They start off discussing Fieldpiece's philosophy of developing solutions for technicians' real pain points, not just making products. Understanding workflows and obstacles lets them […]
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