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The MOST IMPORTANT Skill a Tech Can Have
By:Bryan Orr I knew a tech when I was just starting who was hands down, no questions asked, the best technician at the company I worked. EVERYONE, we are talking over 60 techs… we all knew it. His name was Mike Gilford. Being the little brown-nosing ladder climber I was, I made a complete study […]
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Bryan Orr – Humility in Thought Leadership
By:Bryan Orr  In this thought-provoking episode, Bryan Orr, the founder of HVAC School, delivers a candid and introspective talk on the importance of humility for thought leaders. With his signature blend of humor and vulnerability, Bryan reflects on his own journey, sharing personal anecdotes and insights that resonate with anyone in a position of […]
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Humility in Thought Leadership
By:Bryan Orr NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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