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Soft Lockout vs. Hard Lockout
By:Matthew BrunerIf a furnace runs for years and years while tripping the limit switch but satisfies the thermostat, will it ever be noticed? The answer is most likely “no,” but it will depend on whether the furnace utilizes soft or hard lockouts when the limit switch trips. So, what is a soft lockout vs. a […]
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Practical Uses of Combustion Analysis
By:Bryan OrrThis tech tip reviews the live stream by the same name aired on November 1st, 2023. You can watch the full live stream HERE. We want to give special thanks to the guests: Jim Bergmann, Jim Davis, Tony Gonzalez, Louise Kellar, Bill Spohn, and Tyler Nelson! Gas furnaces (or any combustion equipment) create a […]
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Heat Exchanger Crack Diagnosis
By:Bryan Orr There are two camps I've run into regarding cracked heat exchanger diagnosis. There are those who look for it everywhere and those who dismiss it and never look. I will start by saying that everything I write here is my own opinion and experience. Because this is such a hot-button topic, don't take […]
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Primary & Secondary Air in Combustion – Short #187
By:Bryan Orr  In this short podcast, Bryan dives into a gas heating topic: primary & secondary air in combustion. Primary air is the air and oxygen content that enters the furnace BEFORE combustion. In older furnaces, prior to induced combustion, air was drawn in through the front. These older furnaces had adjustable shutters that […]
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Is Dual Fuel the Answer? w/ Tom Buescher
By:Bryan Orr  In this HVAC School podcast, Bryan and Tom Buescher with Copeland discuss dual-fuel heat pump systems as an intermediate step towards more sustainable heating solutions. They talk about the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from residential heating and cooling, which accounts for over half of home energy use. While heat […]
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What’s Different About Pool Heaters w/ Bert
By:Bryan OrrBert Testerman  In this podcast, Bryan Orr and Bert discuss various aspects of pool heaters, focusing on issues that make them different from typical HVAC systems. They cover the basics of pool heaters – the main types (heat pumps and gas heaters) and how they operate similarly or differently from things HVAC techs […]
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Understanding Dual Fuel
By:Jim Fultz NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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