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Where Should the Float Switch Go?
By:Matthew Bruner If you have worked at more than one company in your HVAC career, chances are you’ve found there is more than one place to put a float switch. Every company seems to have its own “secret sauce” for running drain lines and placing float switches.  Is your company a “no float switch” company? […]
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Condensate Switch Controversy
By:Bryan Orr Condensate overflow prevention devices or float switches, as they are often called, are such simple devices that you wouldn't think there would be much room for controversy. In my experience, there are few areas of the trade where technician and installer preferences and opinions vary greatly. Let's start with some float switch basics. […]
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Removing Water From a Float Switch
We all have some weird tools we keep in our tool bags. A baster may look suspicious, but it comes in really handy for removing water from a float switch. This one is extra handy because it comes with a nice tapered bottle brush inside it that works great to clean out the outlet port […]
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