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Troubleshooting with DTD
By:Matthew BrunerThe temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator coil can really help us with diagnostics, but we need to know the targets we’re aiming for if we want to get the most out of it as a troubleshooting tool. If we take the return air temperature and subtract 35 degrees from that number, we […]
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That Rusty Coil/Galvanic Corrosion
By:Bryan Orr How many times have you looked at the bottom right-hand side of an evaporator coil and seen all sorts of rust, even on a fairly new coil? You may have noticed that many evaporator coils and even some condenser coils will start to corrode where the galvanized steel endplates touch the copper u-bends […]
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Full System Diagnosis – There is More to Check
By:Bryan Orr In this episode, Bryan goes back over the basics and stresses the importance of diagnosing the whole system. I'll cut to the chase: inspection is NOT overrated. Inspections help you become more familiar with HVAC systems and can help you catch on to minor issues before they spiral out of control. Check air […]
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