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Good COP – Bad COP
By:Adam MufichThere has been a lot of advice being tossed around by contractors and builders about the best time to use the emergency heat feature on an all-electric heat pump system. The answer is never! That was easy. Next article… In all seriousness, “Emergency Heat” should be used as described, ONLY during an emergency. I guess I […]
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W1, W2, & E
By:Bryan OrrI got this question via email (edited slightly for length): Some things I've done because I've been taught to do them yet I don't know why I do them. One of those things is putting a jumper between w1/e and w2. Sometimes, in the case of a Goodman for example, I've been taught to […]
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When to Switch to Emergency Heat? – Short #190
By:Bryan Orr  In this short podcast episode, Bryan talks about when to switch to emergency heat. He talks about coefficient of performance (COP) and how it's a deciding factor when to run emergency heat, which is when a system ONLY runs the backup heat; it doesn't use it as supplementary heat. When we have […]
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