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Callback Prevention: Electronic Leak Detection
By:Bryan Orr Whether you love it or hate it, leak detection is one of those staples of HVAC, and the stakes are pretty high. Leaks that go undetected can also cost the customer quite a bit in refrigerant over time, especially with the rising prices of R-22 and R-410A. Worst of all, we could end […]
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Infrared vs. Heated Diode Leak Detectors
By:Bryan Orr Every HVAC/R tech needs an electronic leak detector nowadays, and with low-GWP HFC and HFO refrigerants getting more and more commonplace, every HVAC/R tech needs a VERY sensitive electronic leak detector. (Yes, electronic leak detection does work.) We often see three types, but let's toss out the corona discharge leak detector right off […]
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Leak Detector Maintenance and Care
By:Bryan Orr A good leak detector is a big investment and one of the more important tools a tech has on the truck. I've had the same leak detector for years, and I've replaced everything on it, from sensors to pumps to the probe. And no, the one shown above isn't mine. One thing that […]
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Leak Detection on Large Systems
Imagine, if you will, a 20-year-old kid. He has no formal training in the HVAC/R field, only ride along “training” and book learning as he reads along with his journeyman father with whom he's riding. One stormy summer evening, a service call comes in for an ice cream freezer down. After calling and talking to […]
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Leak Detection Best Practices
By:Bryan OrrBert Testerman  In this episode, Bryan and Bert talk about properly stripping cables and leak detection best practices. Bert is a senior technician and self-proclaimed leak detection expert. As a slight aside, Bert CAN'T STAND when technicians strip wires. Basically, his advice is NOT to cut around the wires or use a razor knife. […]
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