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Duct Leakage Can Be Costly
This tech tip was written by one of the best all-around HVAC minds out there: Neil Comparetto. I think that we all can agree that duct leakage is not ideal. Our job is to condition the space. If we can’t control the air, that becomes difficult. On top of that, anytime the ducts leak, you […]
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Duct Leaks – Measuring, Preventing & Repairing w/ Sam Myers
By:Sam MyersBryan Orr  This episode featured Bryan Orr interviewing Sam Myers, the building science consultant at Retrotec. Retrotec manufactures products like blower doors and duct testers for measuring air tightness and leakage in buildings. Sam discussed his role at Retrotec, which involves training contractors on using their tools properly, product design, software testing, presenting […]
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