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Troubleshooting Water Leaks
By:Matthew BrunerThere is not much worse than having a service call where you can’t figure out where the water is coming from or where it came from before you got there. I have spent many hours scratching my sweaty head in attics while I stared into the riser of a drain line, waiting for water […]
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Where Should the Float Switch Go?
By:Matthew Bruner If you have worked at more than one company in your HVAC career, chances are you’ve found there is more than one place to put a float switch. Every company seems to have its own “secret sauce” for running drain lines and placing float switches.  Is your company a “no float switch” company? […]
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Condensate Pump Drains
One of my techs (Jim Walch) brought another common “double trap”-style issue to my attention: techs and installers running a drain too far into a condensate pump. When you run the system drain too deep into the pump reservoir, the water level can rise high enough to cover the drain end. That can create the […]
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Drains and Double traps
Double traps are no good. That's the end of this tech tip. Okay, here's some detail: Anytime your drain goes up and down more than once, you have a double trap UNLESS you place an air vent between the two traps that vents ABOVE the drain inlet. The double trap causes drainage issues because air […]
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Traps, Vents & Drains – Short #177
By:Bryan Orr  In this short episode, Bryan covers traps, vents, and drains. He explains some common misconceptions and best practices for fabricating drains, especially in residential and light commercial structures in Florida. Cleanouts and vents are commonly confused with each other, and people often cap vents and leave cleanouts open. However, cleanouts (which must […]
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