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RH, DB, and WB
By:Bryan Orr I recently received a message asking for a discussion of relative humidity (RH), wet-bulb (WB), and dry-bulb (DB). Time and time again, I hear techs say that condensation occurs when “hot meets cold,” which may be true in some cases. However, that is only a shorthand way to describe it and doesn't really […]
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Airflow – Latent, Sensible, WB, DB, RH and Static
By:Bryan Orr In this episode, Bryan talks a bit about the air side of the system. Understanding airflow is all about seeing the relationship between readings. We cover latent and sensible heat, relative humidity, wet and dry-bulb temperatures, and static pressure. Latent and sensible heat refer to heat that we can feel (sensible) or heat […]
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