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Good COP – Bad COP
By:Adam MufichThere has been a lot of advice being tossed around by contractors and builders about the best time to use the emergency heat feature on an all-electric heat pump system. The answer is never! That was easy. Next article… In all seriousness, “Emergency Heat” should be used as described, ONLY during an emergency. I guess I […]
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By:Bryan Orr Let's get through all of the jargon and get to the point as quickly as possible. These ratings are a calculation of how much energy you have to put into a system to get a BTU of heating or cooling out. Simple. But the problem is that each piece of cooling or heat […]
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Heat Pump COP and Low Temp Lock Out
By:Jim FultzBryan OrrEric Kaiser  This episode of the HVAC School Live Stream covers the key concepts around heat pump efficiency and understanding the coefficient of performance (COP). Eric Kaiser from TruTech Tools and Jim Fultz from White-Rodgers provide valuable insights into how heat pumps operate and how to optimize their performance, especially in colder […]
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When to Switch to Emergency Heat? – Short #190
By:Bryan Orr  In this short podcast episode, Bryan talks about when to switch to emergency heat. He talks about coefficient of performance (COP) and how it's a deciding factor when to run emergency heat, which is when a system ONLY runs the backup heat; it doesn't use it as supplementary heat. When we have […]
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