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What is Enthalpy?
By:Bryan Orr Enthalpy is easy. It's just a state function that depends only on the prevailing equilibrium state identified by the system's internal energy, pressure, and volume. It is an extensive quantity. Simple. Like most things, the scientific definition is as clear as mud. In HVAC/R, we use enthalpy measurement to come up with the […]
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Hot Weather Preparedness/An Open Letter (Surviving a Heat Wave)
By:Bryan Orr These are two separate emails that I sent to our customers and staff in preparation for what could be a very hot Memorial Day weekend (2019). I'm sharing it here so that you can use parts of it in your business as you see fit. I hate seeing techs get beat up on […]
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Hot Deck, Cold Deck – Short #182
By:Bryan Orr  In this short episode, Bryan discusses the unique features of hot deck, cold deck systems. These systems have separate heating and cooling components (if not entire systems). Older systems may have completely separate duct systems: one for heating and one for cooling. These ducts would go to each space, and you'd essentially […]
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