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Gas Furnaces – What a Tech Needs to Know
It’s that time of year again—the furnace service calls are peaking. It’s a good idea to crack open Jason Obrzut’s book, Gas Heating: Furnaces, Boilers, Controls, Components, and listen to the many public podcasts and presentations by experts like Jim Bergmann. At HVAC School, we’re fortunate to have had some of the industry’s greatest minds […]
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Combustion Air
To maintain combustion (burning), you need three things: fuel, heat, and oxygen. If you have all three in the proper proportion, you can maintain a continuous state of combustion. Remove one (or reduce one sufficiently), and the triangle of combustion can collapse. In a common natural gas (NG) furnace, the heat is the igniter, the […]
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Why and How of Combustion Analysis w/ Tyler Nelson
 Bryan Orr interviews Tyler Nelson, an HVAC expert with over 20 years of experience as a contractor. They have an in-depth discussion about combustion analysis and why it is becoming increasingly important for HVAC technicians to utilize this process. The conversation provides an overview of combustion analysis benefits and why HVAC pros should incorporate […]
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Combustion Basics w/ Benoit Mongeau
In this episode with BENOÎT MONGEAU, we talk about the components of combustion and what to consider when testing it on a fuel-burning appliance. Combustion requires fuel, oxygen, and a heat source in a correct balance. We call that series of requirements the “combustion triangle.” Once combustion occurs, it is self-sustaining. However, removing one element […]
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