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Condenser Coil Cleaning Step by Step
By:Bryan Orr The photo above is of a real condenser coil we cleaned. The outer fins looked OK, but dirt and lint were packed deep inside. We also had sky-high head pressure and condensing temperature; those are telltale signs of an impacted condenser. That situation illustrates that a coil can sometimes look OK at first […]
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Coil Cleaners: A Guide to Which Cleaners to Use in Various Applications
By:Kaleb SaleebySpring and fall are the seasons where all service technicians get turned into janitors. Some techs see this as a chore and don’t particularly enjoy the routines of checklist maintenance. However, it is important to remember that the “shoulder seasons” provide an opportunity for us to perform vital maintenance on systems in order to […]
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Cleaning Condenser Coils Still Matters
By:Bryan Orr There was a story that came out recently based on an ASHRAE study performed by David Yuill from the University of Nebraska. The study appeared to indicate that condenser coil cleanliness makes no difference on system performance and efficiency. Those of us who have worked in the field know that coil cleaning matters […]
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Safe Chemicals are Good Chemicals w/ Mike Pastorello
By:Bryan Orr  This podcast covers refrigeration technologies' growth and focus on providing safe, high-performing chemicals for HVAC technicians without hazardous ingredients. Mike Pastorello discusses the 2017 rebranding that gave their products a more modern, cohesive look. He also talks about bringing on new marketing talent like Ashley and Becca to amp up refrigeration technologies' […]
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