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Design Temperature Difference for Chillers 
By:Jeff Neiman I get emails from time to time with questions that stem from the articles or the podcast. This was a great question, but I was not the best person to answer it. I reached out to Jeff Neiman, our resident HVAC School chiller tech, and he answered it. Here is the question: Hello […]
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What Is DX? – Short #185
By:Bryan Orr  In this short podcast episode, Bryan tackles the following question: What is DX? In short, DX stands for “direct expansion,” which means that you cool the end product via the refrigeration cycle. We blow air over an evaporator coil, which allows the refrigerant to take up heat from the air and directly […]
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Hot Deck, Cold Deck – Short #182
By:Bryan Orr  In this short episode, Bryan discusses the unique features of hot deck, cold deck systems. These systems have separate heating and cooling components (if not entire systems). Older systems may have completely separate duct systems: one for heating and one for cooling. These ducts would go to each space, and you'd essentially […]
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Performing a Chiller Startup w/ Jeff Neiman Podcast
By:Bryan Orr In this podcast, Jeff Neiman shares an overview of his chiller startup procedure and some things he looks out for when starting a chiller after the initial chiller installation. The actual chiller startup is typically the factory's responsibility (per the manufacturer); however, the “startup” that we're talking about refers to the installation and […]
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