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HVAC Moneyball: Could It Work?
By:Tim De StasioThis tech tip was submitted by Tim De Stasio. He originally published it on his website, which you can visit HERE. Thanks, Tim! Winning takes strategy and the right information. The HVAC business is no different.  But what information should we collect, even pay for, to get better and win? What if these […]
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The Dangers of Discounts in HVAC/R Businesses
By:Bryan Orr If you own an HVAC or refrigeration business, there may be times when you think giving a discount might be the right thing to do. Maybe you have a friend who’s having a hard time and suddenly has an evaporator coil leak that needs attention. You may consider offering him a discount to […]
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7 Horribly Challenging Ways To Transform Your Business
Business isn’t easy. Generally, when I look back at how much work it has taken to get a business off the ground, I wonder what I would have done if I had known what I know now. I wonder if I still would have been willing to put in all that work all over again. […]
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Sometimes, Experience Can Hold You Back
When working in a business with people, you have two options: 1. Become bitter as you experience people, life, and issues. 2. Grow from experiencing people, life, and issues. I’m not proud to say it, but I realize now that when I started my business and had bad experiences, I would run to option #1 […]
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3 Things I Would Do Differently in Business
By:Bryan Orr This is a business article I wrote several years ago. No hard-hitting tech tips, but I still hope you find it beneficial. “What would you do if you had a time machine.?” It’s a question that came up at least 17 times in your first week of 6th grade, answered with the typical […]
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Other Great Sources
You may not know this, but the HVAC School podcast began before the website. When I started the podcast, I never intended to create a website, but there was more demand for quick tech tips than the podcast could hold. So, we started hvacrschool.com. In the same way, I never set out to create a […]
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Making Family Business Work w/ Leilani Orr
By:Bryan OrrLeilani  In this podcast episode, Bryan has an enjoyable conversation with his wife Leilani about navigating family relationships while building a business. They discuss the challenges and benefits of mixing family and work, setting boundaries, and maintaining perspective. Bryan starts by admitting he felt intimidated to have Leilani on the podcast before, joking […]
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Creating a Business Where Everyone Wins w/ Tommy Mello
 Skilled trades entrepreneur Tommy Mello joins the podcast to talk about creating a business where everyone wins: business owners, employees, vendors, AND customers. Tommy's main motivations in business are relationship-building and helping employees make a good living. Those motivations contribute to the development of company culture; even though cultures build themselves naturally, developing the […]
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Building a Great HVAC Business w/ Bob Gee – Podcast
By:Bryan Orr In this episode, Bryan talks to Business and Sales Trainer Bob Gee about HVAC business practices. Bob has watched sales and leadership evolve a lot over the years. Today, success in sales depends on your abilities to build relationships with the customers. You're no longer “selling” things; you are “helping people buy” things. […]
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The Challenges of Small Business – Roundtable
By:Tersh BlissettLuke PetersonMatthew BrunerAdam MufichJason Julian NOTE: If you cannot view the recording, the video may still be processing. The maximum wait time is 24 hours. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
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