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Air Barrier vs. Vapor Barrier vs. Insulation
By:Bryan Orr Think of it like this: It's a cold, wet, windy day. You can take an umbrella to protect you from the water alone, but that won't deal with the cold (temperature) or the wind (air convection). You can add in a light windbreaker, which will help keep the wind (convection) off. But if […]
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Blower Door Testing, Building Performance & More w/ Corbett Lunsford (Podcast)
By:Bryan OrrCorbett Lunsford In this podcast episode, Bryan talks to Corbett Lunsford about blower door testing and the coming building performance revolution. Building performance and HVAC have been becoming much more closely linked lately. So, it's a good idea for HVAC techs to learn a bit about building performance. In the HVAC world, we often […]
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