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How Long Should I Evacuate a System?
This article was written by Jim Bergmann with MeasureQuick. Anyone who has ever picked up a vacuum pump has asked or been asked this question. To be truthful, it is like asking, “How many licks will it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?” In the words of the wise […]
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Circuit Board Diagnosis Basics
By:Bryan OrrNathan Orr In this unedited episode of HVAC School, Bryan and Nathan talk about some basic rules for circuit board diagnosis. So, circuit boards are boards with circuits in them. They come in two types. The traditional printed variety contains switches, relays, and resistors. The other type contains silicon chips and uses logic and […]
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Cutting Compressors, iManifold, and Thermal Imaging w/ Ulises Palacios
By:Bryan Orr In this episode of HVAC School, Bryan talks with Ulises Palacios about some cool technology. Ulises has become a technology expert through his many years of working with new tools. He has recently been involved in testing new technologies, and he has worked with Jim Bergmann. Cutting open a compressor is one of […]
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