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ACFM, SCFM, & Baseball dents
This is a VERY in-depth look at ACFM vs. SCFM and why it matters to airflow measurement from Steven Mazzoni. Thanks, Steve! Imagine your job is to figure out how fast baseballs were traveling before they hit a sheet-rock wall. The only method you have is to measure the depth of the dent left in […]
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Air is Squishy – Measuring Airflow w/ Bill Spohn
Measuring airflow is easy. Measuring airflow accurately is quite a bit more difficult. In many cases, when we as technicians measure airflow, we are trying to get to the almighty CFM (cubic feet per minute) volume measurement. You can take CFM readings fairly easily with a hood, like the Testo 420, but even a hood […]
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Common Duct Design Mistakes w/ Jack Rise (Podcast)
By:Bryan Orr In this episode, Jack Rise talks about duct design regarding ACCA manual D, friction rate, face velocity, duct velocity, and what is ACTUALLY wrong with flex duct. Manual D causes a lot of confusion for technicians, and most techs have a limited understanding of it anyway. When determining a blower wheel for commercial […]
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