Women’s Panel

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1. True or False: At least one panelist said that customers tend to respond positively to having a woman do a trades job for them.

2. The panelists said that we could encourage women to get into the trade by:

3. True or False: One of the panelists said that male business owners can make their workplaces more appealing to women by talking to their female friends, wives, daughters, and other women in their lives.

4. True or False: Transparency in policies and allyship are NOT some of the most important things when it comes to recruiting women.

5. True or False: One of the possible barriers to women entering the trade is the idea that legal accommodations (such as legal leaves) can be seen as burdens.

6. True or False: Men can create long-term impacts by shutting down conversations that make women uncomfortable.

7. True or False: One question dealt with the prospect of businesses giving customers the option to request only female technicians.

8. True or False: All the panelists agreed that the industry should set and meet quotas to bring women into the industry.

9. What things did the panelists recommend to help women in the industry build their confidence?

10. True or False: We can work with established hands-on youth STEM programs to show that HVAC is accessible to men and women while students are young.




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