Why HVAC is Failing to Address the Sick Home Epidemic

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1. What percentage of homes have mold?

2. What percentage of homes in humid climates have a dehumidifier?

3. Out of all homes with dehumidifiers, what percentage are professional whole-home dehumidifiers, versus portable consumer room dehumidifiers?

4. What percentage of the American population live in a humid climate for at least one season (3 months) of the year?

5. True or False: Asthma & Respiratory symptoms are 30%-50% more likely in a damp home

6. True or False: Increasing Air Conditioner SEER ratings are increasing dehumidification capacity.

7. True or False: UV bulbs and other electronic air cleaning methods can address the root cause of dirty, moldy coils

8. What was the method cited as having the highest success rate of addressing IAQ across a majority of customers?

9. What is the biggest issue preventing IAQ from being offered?

10. True or False: HAVEN IAQ products are expensive and hard to find.




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