Why Home Performance & HVAC are One (Symposium 2024)

This quiz is about Rob Minnick's symposium presentation, “Why Home Performance & HVAC are One.”

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1. What was Rob Minnick's previous occupation?

2. When did Rob Minnick decide to sell his family's HVAC business?

3. Where is Rob Minnick currently working as a trainer?

4. What was the issue with the HVAC systems in the housing development mentioned in the session?

5. What did Rob Minnick discover during his investigation?

6. What did Rob Minnick learn about home performance during a seminar?

7. What did the blower door test reveal in the customer's home?

8. What were some of the sources of air leaks found in the customer's home?

9. What was the result of sealing the air leaks in the customer's home?

10. How much did the air changes per hour decrease after sealing the air leaks?




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