What You Need to Know About Future A2Ls

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1. True or False: Unlike the Montreal Protocol, which phased OUT refrigerants with chlorine, the Kigali Amendment only phases DOWN high-GWP refrigerants.

2. The ASTM E681 test is used to determine the flammability rating of refrigerants. Refrigerants that stay within a ___-degree angle are classified as Class 1 refrigerants.

3. A2L refrigerant cylinders will have a _____ band around them.

4. True or False: There is NO propane in A2L refrigerants.

5. Which refrigerant has the highest discharge temperature?

6. True or False: R-410A and R-32 use oil of the exact same type and viscosity.

7. True or False: R-410A and R-454B are both "near-azeotropic" refrigerants with very little temperature glide.

8. True or False: A2Ls can only be used in new systems, not existing A1 equipment.

9. Which of the following is NOT an industry-approved leak detection method?

10. Service ports will be capped with:




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