Understanding HVAC Metering Devices

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1. True or False: A metering device is a pressure decreasing device.

2. True or False: The metering device is mounted at the inlet of the evaporator coil.

3. True or False: TXVs are not capable of an inactive bypass function.

4. True or False: The TXV Bulb acts as a closing force.

5. True or False: A TXV with an internal equalizer is needed any time there are distributor tubes.

6. True or False: The spring is a closing force in a TXV.

7. True or False: The EEV is powered any time the unit is running.

8. True or False: An EEV measures the superheat itself and moves its own pin position as needed.

9. True or False: When an EEV coil is electrically powered, one set of iron teeth become magnetized as north and another set of iron teeth become magnetized as south.

10. True or False: A TXV works on pressures applied while an EEV works based on electrical pulses applied.




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