Understanding Dual Fuel

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1. True or False: The center port at the bottom of the reversing valve will always have suction gas going into or out of it, never discharge gas.

2. Which component prevents liquid from reaching the compressor on the suction line of a heat pump?

3. True or False: The outdoor coil holds more liquid refrigerant in cooling mode.

4. True or False: The indoor coil, outdoor coil, and accumulator don't need to match in a heat pump.

5. The _________ website can help you find data about matching systems, which can help if you need to pull permits.

6. A crankcase heater usually draws _______ amps when running properly.

7. True or False: When the indoor coil of a heat pump is installed AFTER the second source of heat, both heat sources can work at the same time.

8. True or False: The heat pump balance point is determined by the system tonnage.

9. The point at which a heat pump is no longer efficient and can't keep up with the heating load is the:

10. True or False: Manufacturers design heat pump coils to be upstream of the blower and electric heat strips.




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